There will be NO REFUND (either full or partial) of the entry fee to any team that withdraws once they have been confirmed entry in the tournament, schedules have been released and/or it is seven (7) or fewer days before the tournament. There will be a $35.00 administration fee for a team that withdraws once registration is closed, as long as they warrant a refund.

All players (including guest players) must be currently registered with a CSA - recognized soccer association for the 2019 Outdoor Season to participate in the tournament. Proof of player registrations must be carried with your team at all times. Teams/players may not play down an age group or play down a tier/division within their registered age group. Teams may request a lower tier/division only if they intend to play up an age group for the tournament. PLAYERS CAN PLAY FOR ONLY ONE TEAM IN THE TOURNAMENT


All players are required to produce government issued identification for age verification, upon request by tournament officials. Failure to produce identification may result in forfeiture of any game played by the team.

Players must be of the appropriate age group as outlined in ASA rules but may include players from a lower age group. Youth teams may play up an age group in this Tournament, and may then include up to 3 players from the higher age group.


Each team is permitted to add a maximum of three (3) guest players to their existing roster for the Tournament. Guest players must comply with the age category requirements. Teams using guest players must have a letter of permission from the player's current coach/ team as well as proof of current registration. Proof of guest player registrations and age must be carried with your team at all times.

TEAM ROSTERS Prior to May 17th, 2019, all teams participating in this tournament must provide the tournament committee a TEAM ROSTER and a copy of team registration with provincial association (ASA form or equivalent). MWSA will maintain strict privacy of all personal information on such forms, but personal information may be blocked out if desired as long as players' names remain visible. As well, a letter of permission from the coach/team for each guest player must accompany your roster. Where applicable, teams should also provide a club/association travel permit.

Minor changes to rosters that have already been submitted, may be made up until the first scheduled game. No player may be added to the roster after the start of the team's first game.

The maximum number of players that can be listed on a team roster (including the Goalkeeper(s)):

U9 City Wide 16 Players
U11 (8 a side) 20 Players
U13 and Older 20 Players

All mixed-gender teams will participate in the corresponding male age group/tier/division.


Length of Games: Games will consist of 2 X 25 minute halves for U9 & U11 - 2 X 30 minute halves for U13 & Up with the exception of forfeited or games where teams arrive late.The duration of the halves will be adjusted prior to game start for games where teams arrive late. Half time will be 5 minutes in duration.

Medal Games: Play-off games for medals within two-sided pools or between pools.

Game Statistics / Points

WIN: 3 Points

LOSS: 0 Points

TIE: 1 Point (Each)

Forfeited Games:

- Should a team forfeit a scheduled game (i.e., not showing up, or arrive later than 15 minutes past game start time), the opposing team will be awarded a 3-0 winning score but only 3 points in the statistics.

- Should both teams forfeit a scheduled game, a N/S will be posted on the statistics and no points awarded to either team.

Game Cancellations:

Where games must be cancelled due to weather, field conditions or unforeseen circumstances the following will apply:

- The Tournament Committee must comply with the City of Edmonton should the City close the fields. Where the City has not closed the fields, the Tournament Committee shall make a decision in a timely manner, to close fields if they deem weather / field or other conditions require cancellation of games. Every effort to complete or reschedule games will be made.

- Where possible, games that are in progress should continue until at least 70% of the official game time has elapsed as long as conditions safely support play of the game.

- Where a Round Robin game must be cancelled, every effort will be made to reschedule that game. If rescheduling is not possible, penalty kicks procedure shall apply as per ASA rules.

NOTE: The result of the penalty kicks shall be recorded as a win for the winning team with a 1-0 score and 3 points in the statistics for the winning team.

- Where a medal game (play-off game within or between pools) must be cancelled, rescheduling will not be possible. A penalty kick will take place at a designate field as soon as possible, as per ASA rules.

- Scheduling constraints require that Referees, must consult through the Field Marshals with Tournament HQ before cancelling any game due to their interpretations of weather or field conditions. The Tournament Committee will have the last say in cancelling games due to conditions.

- Referees have the right to immediately call/cancel games for reasons other than field or weather conditions (dangerous level of play; dissent by players, fans or coaches; abuse of officials, etc.) Such cancellations should be immediately communicated to Tournament Headquarters. In those cases the result of the game in question will be decided by the Tournament Committee based on the individual circumstances of the game.

Pool Format/Tie-Breaking Procedures:

- Round robin play format will have no play-off games scheduled within a pool or between pools. All tied games in round robin play format will stand.

- Play-off pool format will have play-off games scheduled within a two sided pool or between two pools. Ties will stand in the first round of games for two-sided pools and/or the first round of pools that play off against another pool.

- Medal games are defined as the final games in a two-sided pool or between pools that play-off against one another, whose results determine Medal standings (Gold, Silver and Bronze). If a medal game results in a tie at the end of regulation time, then kicks from the penalty mark will be used to determine the winner of the match.



If a tie remains after the above tie breaking procedure, a "Pool Play-Off PK Round" will be held. It is the team's responsibility to know when they are involved in a "Pool Play-Off PK Round", and to obtain the time of the PK Round from the Tournament Headquarters. If a team does not show for the "Pool Play-Off PK Round", that team will forfeit, and be placed below the other team in the pool standings. (The procedure for the "Pool Play-Off Round" will follow the general procedure of "kicks from the penalty mark).


Generally speaking, this tournament will follow FIFA Laws of the Game and current ASA rules. MWSA reserves the right to amend parts of these Laws, as outlined within these tournament rules. Entry into this tournament implies acceptance of the tournament rules as outlined below.

You are expected to obey the Laws of the game and respect game Officials.

Game Officials: are defined as the Referee, Line Persons, 4th Official and Field Marshals

A) The Game Officials exercise the powers granted to them by the Laws of the game as soon as they enter the field of play. Their power to enforce the laws extends to the time when they leave the field of play and its surrounding area.

B) Field Marshals do not have the responsibility to entertain protests regarding Game Officials or their decisions.

Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. This will be a book-able offence. Threats and assaults on officials during this tournament will generate an immediate suspension pending the ASA Discipline Committee action in accordance with ASA Rules and Regulations.

Coaches are ultimately responsible for the behavior of their team and spectators.


Protests in regards to the laws of the game and decisions by Game Officials will not be accepted. Any team wishing to present a protest regarding a player's eligibility must complete the game in its entirety. Teams have 60 minutes following the game to lodge their protest in writing with the Tournament Committee at Tournament HQ. A fee of $100.00 will be charged per protest. The Tournament Committee will deal with all valid protests immediately. Any team playing ineligible players will forfeit all games the ineligible player participated in. If a protest is upheld, the team filing the protest will be awarded 1-0 win but with only 3 points in the standings, and will get a refund of $50.00.


Each game sheet will be inspected for the Referee's report and the following minimum disciplinary actions shall apply AUTOMATICALLY.

It is the coach's responsibility to clearly indicate on a game sheet when a player from his/her team is serving a game suspension. The signature of the referee, responsible for this particular game, will verify this indication on the game sheet. Referees will be informed of which players are under suspension.

- Any player receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single game, will receive immediate suspension for the remainder of that game and for at least the next scheduled game. If the Tournament Committee deems, based on the Referees report, additional game suspensions are appropriate , the coach/team contact of the team will be notified by phone before the next game.

- Any player receiving a caution (yellow card) in two consecutive games will not play in the subsequent game.

- Any player receiving a red card will be immediately suspended for the remainder of that game and a minimum of the next scheduled game. If the Tournament Committee deems, based on the Referees report, additional game suspensions are appropriate , the coach/team contact of the team will be notified by phone before the next game.

-Any player receiving two red cards will be suspended for the remainder of the tournament. The Tournament Committee, as host of an ASA sanctioned tournament, has the right to report any and all cautions and game ejections to the team's home association and ASA.

- Any team receiving three red cards during the tournament may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. As host of an ASA sanctioned tournament, the Committee reserves the right to report a team's suspension to the team's home association and ASA.

- Players serving a RED CARD game suspension MAY NOT be on the team bench during the game they are suspended from participating in.


- If not clearly indicated on the schedules, the Home team would be considered to be the team that is mentioned first on the schedule.

- In the event both teams where like colors, the Home team may be required to change jerseys, at the Referees discretion. It is the team's responsibility to carry alternate jerseys or pinnies.

- The Home team shall be required to provide a suitable game ball.

- A maximum of four (4) including coaches and assisting personal (plus bench mom/dad) may be in the technical area during any game. One of the three coaching and assisting personal must be of the same gender as the players on the team.

- Game Sheets: A game sheet is required for each game. MWSA will provide tournament game sheets on the website. Tournament game sheets must be filled out by a team official and signed by the coach. The game sheet must be handed to the Referee before the kick off time and be legible. At the end of the game, the Referee will enter the relevant information on the game sheets and hand them to home team's coach. The Coach is responsible for bringing the game sheets to the HQ drop off site located off 23 Avenue (by the artificial turf)

- Each team and it's supporters must occupy the opposite side of the field. The Home team has the right to choose which side of the field it will occupy.

- Technical Area: Each team must mark a 10 - yard long "technical area" along the touch line away from the field's halfway point. During the game, Coaches must remain inside their "technical area" and spectators must stay outside its boundaries.


These rules are intended to be all-inclusive, but on occasion a situation not covered by these rules may arise. If this occurs all participants are bound by the Tournament Committee decisions.


Taking kicks from the penalty mark will be the method of determining the winning team where:

- A medal-round match remains in a draw at the end of regulation time;

- Teams remain tied in Pool standings after Standings Tie-Breaking Rules have been applied; or

- Games called off on account of field conditions.


Medal Round Games: All players, whether on the field or on the team bench at the end of the match, are eligible to participate in taking kicks from the penalty mark. Any player serving a Red Card Suspension for that game or previously dismissed during the game is not eligible.

Standings Tie in Points: All players on the roster are eligible, excluding players under red card (or two yellow cards in one game) suspension, to a maximum of allowable number of players.

In both cases, the referee shall ensure that only an equal number of players from each team remain on the pitch to take the kicks. The team with more players will be asked to select a player or players who will not participate in order to equalize the number of penalty kick takers.

STATS: The mercy rule applies in the recording of the stats.


1. The Referee chooses the goal at which the kicks will be taken.

2. The Referee tosses a coin and the team whose captain wins the toss has a choice of first kick.

3. The Referee keeps a record of the kicks being taken.

4. Subject to the conditions explained below, both teams take five kicks.

5. The kicks are taken alternately by the teams.

6. If, before both teams have taken five kicks, one has scored more goals than the other could score, even if it were to complete its five kicks, no more kicks are taken.

7. If, after both teams have taken five kicks, both have scored the same number of goal, or have not scored a goal more than the other from the same number of kicks.

8. Each kick will be taken by a different player until all eligible players have taken a kick before any player can take a second kick.

9. Any eligible player, including the designated alternate goalkeeper if any, may change places with the goalkeeper at any time when kicks from the penalty mark are being taken.

10. Only the eligible players and match officials are permitted to remain on the field of play when kicks from the penalty mark are being taken. Coaches/assistants must remain on the bench.

11. All player, except the player taking the kick and the two goalkeepers, must remain within the bench area, or inside the restart line and between the gates outside the team bench area.

12. The goalkeeper who is the teammate of the kicker must remain on the field of play, beside the perimeter behind the corner mark at the end of the field where the kicks are being taken.

Mill Woods Kickoff Classic  - Cancelled for 2020


Dan Knott #2
1434 80 Street NW
Frere Antoine # 1
2850 Mill Woods Road
Meyhonok #1
1850 Lakewood Rd E
Meyhonok #2
1850 Lakewood Rd E
MW Sports Fields #1
7008 23 Ave
MW Sports Fields #2
7008 23 Ave
MW Sports Fields #3
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MW Sports Fields #4
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St. Richards #1
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