Please share the following information with you team's players and parents as needed.

Team Rosters

Team rosters are required by no later than 5pm, Friday May 17, 2019. Rosters may be emailed to [email protected] or faxed to 780-461-1745, if you are unable to upload to the platform. Changes may be made at the Headquarters tent up until your first game. No changes may be made to your roster after your first game. If you have guest players, please remember to email the letter of permission from their coach.


Main headquarters will be located at the Mill Woods Campus Sports Fields (7003 23 Avenue). Headquarters will be open one hour prior to and a half hour after the last game of the day.

Coaches and Managers may contact the Tournament Coordinator, Tania Elliott, with any questions or concerns throughout the tournament at [email protected]

Coaches Package

Coaches and Managers are asked to pick up their team's package prior to their first game from the main Headquarters (Mill Woods Campus Sports Fields).

Stats Info

Stats will be posted online at www.mwkickoffclassic.com as soon as game sheets are submitted to Head Quarters by the Home Team.

Game Sheets

After each game, it is the responsibility of the home team's coach or team official to bring the game sheets to the pavilion located at Mill Woods Park located 7003 23 Ave. In order for us to keep the stats up to date, we ask that game sheets be dropped off within 30 minutes of your game ending.


There will be an onsite concession available at the MW Campus Sports Fields selling a variety of food and beverages including fresh popcorn, hot dogs, chips and slushies!

Chips and pop will also be available for purchase from a satellite concession at the St.Richards/Sakaw Sports Fields.

Medal Presentations

Medal presentations will take place on Sunday, May 26, 2019 immediately after each medal game at Headquarters.


Amenities will be available at the fields during the weekend.

Please remind your spectators that neither smoking nor pets of any kind are allowed at any game fields.

The city is aware of our tournament and will be watching designated areas. Those parking in fire lanes or "no parking" areas will likely be ticketed.

We wish your team the "Best of Luck".

Play well, play fair and have fun!

Mill Woods Kickoff Classic  - Cancelled for 2020


Dan Knott #2
1434 80 Street NW
Frere Antoine # 1
2850 Mill Woods Road
Meyhonok #1
1850 Lakewood Rd E
Meyhonok #2
1850 Lakewood Rd E
MW Sports Fields #1
7008 23 Ave
MW Sports Fields #2
7008 23 Ave
MW Sports Fields #3
7008 23 Ave
MW Sports Fields #4
7008 23 Ave
MW Sports Fields #5
7008 23 Ave
St. Richards #1
5704 Mill Woods Rd S
St. Richards #2
5704 Mill Woods Rd S